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Why This Disclosure ?

When attempting to make sustainable choices it helps to have a good factual basis for assessing likely costs and benefits, and suitability of the product for your application.

Retailers of merchandise commonly do not to give enough hard information about their products to assist consumers objectively assess their products.  For example, shoe vendors may refer to the materials their products are made of as ‘vegan leather’, or ‘microfibre’ or use other generic terms that sound good but tell very little.  Despite what vendors might like you to think, not all  products are the same fantastic standard – there is a broad spectrum ranging from deplorable to excellent.  How does one distinguish which is which?

We help by :
* telling you why we think our products are sustainable
* disclosing the materials they are made from
* describing our manufacturing processes
* providing a durability rating based on our knowledge and experience, and
* flagging the general type of use for which products have been designed.

If there is more you need to know you’re welcome to ask us.