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Apr 12

Meet Jamie

Jamie inspecting a bootPhoto credit: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Jamie is a 36 y.o. chimpanzee living in the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Washington USA – a caring place for chimpanzees formerly exploited then discarded from the entertainment and biomedical testing industries. Jamie is incredibly intelligent, enjoys playing with toys and other objects, and is known for creating imaginative projects keeping herself rather busy.

By now you’re probably asking why are we talking about Jamie on a Vegan Wares blog? Well she happens to be one of our favourite MTO customers!

Jamie LOVES boots and a couple of years ago CSNW contacted Vegan Wares hoping we could make some up for her. So we did! We made her a pair of green boots, specifically for Jamie’s feet, using our microfibre materials and our expert shoe makers.

We loved making her the boots and were extremely happy to see her wearing and playing with them! We’ll be making her another pair soon, so we’ll share more pics with you when that happens.  🙂

To find out more about the life and times of Jamie here is her Facebook page:

In keeping with our philosophy our polishing cream is cruelty-free and enviro-friendly containing all natural, non-toxic ingredients: waxes (from plants), black mineral colouring (iron oxide) and is water-based. And it’s Aussie-made.

For a brilliant shine simply apply a small amount of the polishing cream with a soft cloth all over the shoe. Let stand for about a minute then buff to obtain the shine you’re after.

It can be used on Vegan Wares microfibre, vinyl, plastic and wood. And ideal for helping prevent scuff marks and helps to further prolong the life of your microfibre shoes!