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Sustainable Vegan Footwear & Accessories


Durability + repairability = long product life which contributes to sustainability

What makes a product or industry ‘sustainable’ ? There are many factors to consider. One significant contribution to sustainability is long product life – most particularly durability and repairability. The seasonal fashion cycle encourages a throw-away attitude to footwear and other consumables. As a result the resources of our planet are being used up at an alarming rate. Most manufacturers and retailers want the shoes they sell to fall apart quickly so you will come back soon & make another purchase. And they employ clever marketing agencies to tell you what is cool (the latest fashion) and what isn’t. But, stepping out of that dubious paradigm, why buy a pair of shoes every few months if one or two pairs that are well made & repairable can last you for years ?

It’s not too difficult to make durable footwear.  The design concept must allow for soles to be repaired;  use only good quality materials; assemble them in a thoughtful and careful manner – then you will have shoes that should last a long time. We have been doing this since 1995, and some of our first customers still have the shoes they bought from us so long ago.

By purchasing durable & repairable vegan shoes & accessories you can lower your environmental footprint and save money. That’s really cool.