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We're now closed!

Thank you for your patronage 🙏

Since 1995, we've created timeless, high-quality, durable products that aim for long product life to minimize the use of the earth’s resources (and save you money).  

After 26 wonderful years of trading, we are now closed.

All businesses have customers, but we were incredibly lucky to have a wonderful community of people behind our business.

Our customers were our biggest supporters, our allies and our best ambassadors.

Thank you for wearing Vegan Wares for the 26 years.

26 Years ago, Peter & Jenny started Vegan Wares in a time where most people hadn't heard the word vegan, let alone understand it's meaning.

Over 2 generations, Vegan Wares has aimed to do 2 things

- Create the highest quality footwear & accessories that minimise our impact on the planet.

- Create awareness for the veganism movement and how the world how truly easy it is to live a cruelty free life.

We hope in our absence you will continue to carry our message forward.

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