Warranty & Intended Use

We work hard to ensure quality of our products and want you to be satisfied with them. We don't provide a set warranty on our products as there is huge variety with varying durabilities.

Whilst we don't provide a blanket warranty, we are very reasonable and have high performance expectations of the products me make. If you're experiencing issues with your shoes or accessories, please contact us and we'll happily help.

All products, especially shoes are designed for what we call Intended Use. This is the most rigorous application for which the footwear is designed.

If shoes and boots are used for their intended applications then they should give very good service.  But if they are used beyond their intended application they may not last as long as one might hope.  For example, if ballroom dancing shoes are regularly used for walking in the street, the soles will wear out in no time.  Similarly, if boots designed for street wear are used for mountain tramping... you get the idea. We have seen the same style of shoe last anywhere from 2 years to 20 years, depending on the user. 

Footwear we stock can be for the following general applications:

  •  Off road – for example hiking boots & shoes
  •  Work wear – for industrial applications – eg steel cap boots with oil & acid resistant soles
  •  Urban walking – shoes & boots designed specifically for walking long distances on pavements
  •  Street wear – General purpose shoes for everyday urban use
  •  Formal wear – mainly for indoor applications, & some ancillary street use

    Durable vegan wallets and boots