Frequently Asked Questions


Vegan Wares is a boutique footwear and accessories company that focuses on creating high quality, durable and sustainable products that are kind to animals, people and the planet. You can read more about us and our philosophy here.
We work with a variety of materials including high quality and environmentally friendly microfibers like Ecolorica and Clarino, as well as sustainably produced materials like Pinatex. You can read more about our materials and footwear construction here.
For over 20 years, we manufactured our ‘Vegan Wares’ branded footwear in our own workshop in Melbourne. However, the workshop ceased operation in June 2018 because it became difficult to continue without enough skilled staff and lack of good suppliers. We still have Melbourne Made range in stock. Products under the EcoMeko brand are made in India. For detailed information on other brands we stock, please visit Our Brands page.
We made custom shoes for over 23 years. However, we’re no longer providing this service. We hope to bring it back in the future.
Short answer, yes. Read more about warranty and intended use here.
We have been testing various materials for over 25 years and we resell Ecolorica Microfiber in small quantities. This allows start-ups and small business to buy and test the materials for their products without having to commit to large MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) that are common with companies that produce the material. Vegan Leather is growing in popularity and there is no shortage of companies selling leather alternatives. However, just because a material is ‘vegan’ doesn’t mean it’s good for the environment. It’s important to do your research before buying vegan materials. For material queries or further questions, please contact us.
Yes, you can buy a gift card for any desired amount here.


As with all things, the more you look after them, the better they will serve you. Not only will you get a better life out of your shoes, you are also reducing your footprint by using a product for its maximum capacity. You can learn more shoe care here.
We hope you’ll get a long life out of your shoes, but there will come a time when they are no longer repairable or usable. You can use old shoes in the garden as planters or try other craft projects. If this is not for you, then rubber soles for shoes can be separated and put into the recycling (depending on your council). You can also use companies such as Manrags who recycle fashion products.


We know that buying shoes online isn’t the easiest thing. There are 2 different considerations before you make your purchase: Intended use and, Sizing & Fit.
Sizing varies across all footwear brands, countries and even across styles. All our products have a 'Sizing chart' and a 'Specifications' section to help you determine the right size & fit. However, if you’re still feeling unsure, you can send us some measurements and we’ll do our best. If you’re an existing customer, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we may have your sizing on file.
Yes and no. The availability of half sizes is entirely dependent on style of shoe.
We have a wide variety of shoes in our store and use mixed sizing. However, the size chart for every product should be helpful in determining the right size for that product.
Generally speaking, men’s sizes are 2 sizes down from women’s sizes. I.e. Women’s size 11 is roughly a Men’s size 9. This is a rough rule and every product should be evaluated with its own size chart.
We have a wide variety of shoes that have removable insoles and generous fits to allow for Orthotics. Please check the specification section of the product you’re interested in.
We currently operate online only so this is not possible. However, if we ever stock shoes with existing stores, we will list them on our website.


1-3 days. Usually the orders are processed on the same day but we would recommend allowing 3 working days. If you need an order processed urgently, please send us an email with your order number and request.
We like to accommodate customer requests as much as possible, but making changes to the order that is already being processed can be difficult. However, if you’re in this situation, please contact us ASAP, so we can assist you. Once the order has been processed, no changes can be made.
Yes, we’re happy to organise exchanges. Before you request an exchange please read our Returns and Exchanges policy.
We are very sorry to hear this. We take a lot of pride in our products and their quality. Please contact us so we can help resolve the issue.
If you have a fitting issue, it’s best to contact us before you send your shoes back. The more information we have about your current fit, the more we can help. Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy.


We ship from Buderim, Qld, Australia. If you are a local customer, we are happy to organise a PICKUP option for you. Please contact us to make an arrangement.
We are happy to ship worldwide, but global circumstances are susceptible to change. If for any reason, we cannot ship to your country at any given time, we will refund your order in full.
Our shipping and handling charges do not cover any duties or customs you may incur. This is largely dependent on the country you live in and can vary significantly. To avoid being surprised by such charges, please check the duties and customs regulation for your country. 
Aaaah the myth of free shipping! Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘free shipping’. Shipping and handling expenses incurred by retailers are either made explicit or are hidden in the retail price. Either way, you, as the customer pays for these costs. For transparency, we choose to make the shipping fees explicit and not hidden. Shipping fees include the cost of stamps (shown on the postal authority label), insurance, delivery signature fees, packaging, and staff time involved in handling and administering the shipping process.
Contact Us ASAP. We ship to the exact address provided. In order the avoid a lost parcel, please contact us ASAP. If your order has already been shipped, I am afraid there’s little we can do.
Yes. All orders get issued with a tracking number as soon as they are shipped. However, not all parcels will allow for tracking online. This is mostly when we ship internationally and depends largely on the postal system in your country. 
Sometimes, orders can get delayed with postal services. If it has been more than 10 business days and you have not received your order, please contact us
If you believe your parcel is missing, please contact us ASAP. If the postal authority deems your parcel to be lost, then we will replace your item, or your money will be refunded. However, please understand that these investigations do take time. The only exception to this rule is where clients specifically request a non-secure shipping service, at their own risk, instead of our preferred registered mail service - in this specific case unfortunately there is little we can do.
Our return address is
PO BOX 115


Yes, we do. If you’re interested in stocking our products, please contact us.
We are all for supporting other vegan business, big or small. If you align with our durability and sustainability values, we would love to hear from you.