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Community Outreach

Vegan Wares exists to provide animal-friendly lifestyle options for those of us who are seeking them. In the process we contribute to a deeper awareness of cruelty-free possibilities in wider society.  We do this by;

* Maintaining our retail shopfront – a very effective billboard
* Establishing a reputation for excellent products which are as good as or better than leather
* Creating targeted initiatives to challenge conventional animal-unfriendly values. Our vegan footballs project is our first venture into this field.
* Supporting research into community-based wildlife management which emphasizes how humans can live with other creatures.

We also encourage our clients to actively support organizations that advocate a vegan lifestyle and the welfare on non-human species, including:

* Animal Justice Party, Australia

* Animals Australia

* Vegsource

* Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

* vegetarian and animal rights organizations in your local area