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Our Brands

The brands we stock meet or exceed our strict sustainability requirements, and excel in product durability or use of recycled materials.  By wearing them you leave a much lighter environmental footprint.

Vegan Wares

Hand crafted footwear which combines Ecolorica microfbre uppers with durable and repairable rubber soles.  We developed this concept 20 years ago with the aim of minimizing environmental impacts by maximizing product life. Made in Australia.

Ethical Wares

Ethical Wares is one of the pioneers of quality and ethically made footwear.  We stock their Italian made hiking and safety footwear.


A brand striving to manufacture durable and comfortable footwear.  Products manufactured in Portugal.

Eco Meko

A brand of durable vegan footwear which comes at a cheaper price – without sacrificing quality.  Uses only the most durable microfibre uppers, and soles with high abrasion resistance.  Made in India under the supervision of an ethical quality control agent.

For Your Earth (FYE)

An innovative footwear brand which sincerely and meaningfully embraces the concept of sustainability through the use of recycled materials.  Upper materials are made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester.  Soling material comprises at least 50% recycled rubber.  Other features are non-toxic glues, carbon off-sets, and social responsibility.  Made in Vietnam.