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Ordering by Post or Fax

To order by post or fax you need to do three things:

* familiarize yourself with our terms (below)

* check the sizing and shipping info for details you’ll need when filling out the order form

* print our post/fax order form – click here


Goods are supplied on the understanding that they may be dispatched back to Vegan Wares, unworn, by registered & insured mail within 7 days of receipt for a refund (if goods are in the basic colour and stock size) or credit or exchange (if the goods are a non-standard style, colour or size). The purchaser will bear all postage costs.


We will work out your shoe size using information you provide.
To ensure maximum satisfaction, speed of delivery, & to minimize costs it is important that the information you supply is accurate.

Information we need to work out your size is:

  • a tracing of one of your feet, done using the method set out below
  • measurements of your feet taken partly from the tracings; and
  • details of the sizes and brands of shoes you currently wear. This serves as a double check.

You are also welcome to send us an actual shoe that fits you well, which we can use for size referencing

For shoes being made to order, including colour options, you MUST send us a shoe for size referencing.

Tracing Method  (see diagrams below)
i). Hold pen or sharp pencil vertically, and trace around each foot

ii). Use a tape measure to measure completely around each foot at

  1. the ball of the foot, and
  2. the top of the arch of the foot

Record these measurements on the tracings.

If you will be posting your order then this is all you need to do. Make sure you include the tracings with your order.

If you intend to order by fax, then please write on the tracing the following measurement:

  • Length of foot, from heel to toe, measured from your tracing

If one of your feet is larger than the other please submit details for that foot

Length of foot from heel to toe.
Trace your foot holding pen vertical & then measure off the length. (Do not simply place a ruler under your foot & scale off the length – this will give an incorrect reading).
Length of Foot Diagram
“>Circumference of foot at widest point, around the foot at the ball: Around the Ball Diagram
Circumference of foot at widest point, around the foot at the arch: Around the Arch Diagram

Postage Chart

Region Wallets & Belts Shoes & Boots
Australia $Aus 12 $Aus 20
USA & Elsewhere $Aus 20 $Aus 50

Postage is not charged for single wallets or belts sent with shoes. For multiple orders, add 50% of the single item postage for each extra item ordered. For example, an order from USA for 2 pairs of shoes and 1 wallet would involve the following postage: $50 for the first pair of shoes, $25 for the second pair of shoes & free for the wallet.