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Belt E 40mm Brown

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Antique style belt with an embossed pattern. With aging colour fades to highlight pattern.

Width:  40mm
Colour:  Brown (Bronze buckle)
Stitching: Matching
Sizes:  34 - 42  inches (Note: Belt size ≠ pants size)
Buckle : Silver and Bronze

Belt size is not necessarily the same as pants size.

There are 2 ways to measure your desired belt size –

  • Waist measurement – Measure the circumference of your waist, where your belt sits. This circumference measurement should match the belt size. If you measure between belt sizes (e.g. 33 inches) we recommend going up a size (e.g. 34 inches). This way of measuring will have you fitting between the middle two holes of the belt strap, allowing room to move up and down if your waist size changes.

  • Strap length – Measure the length of an existing belt that you wear and then decide the ideal strap length you need (length of belt strap from tip to the buckle, but not including the buckle). Then check the table below to decide which belt size matches up to your desired strap length. This measure focuses on matching strap length as a priority.

As each method may have minor variances, we recommend you use both methods, and compare results before finalizing your sizing choice.

Make sure you order the right size by referring to this chart.

Belt Size Waist Measurement Strap Length
32 32 in / 82cm 37 in / 94cm
34 34 in / 87 cm 39 in / 100cm
36 36 in / 92cm 41 in / 104cm
38 38 in / 97cm 43 in / 109cm
40 40 in / 102cm 45 in / 115cm
42 42 in / 107cm 47 in / 119cm
44 44 in / 112cm 4 9in / 125cm
46 46 in / 117cm 51 in / 130cm
48 48 in / 122cm 53 in / 135cm
50 50 in / 127cm 55 in / 139cm

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