Future Directions

Vegan Wares: Stepping towards new horizons

Hello to our loyal supporters!

This is just a quick note to let you know about some big changes that are underway here at Vegan Wares, and open discussion about any number of exciting possibilities.

As you are aware, for the past 23 years, our main focus has been to manufacture quality vegan footwear in-house. Over recent years however, due to key personnel changing careers, and the art of handmade shoes becoming a dying trade, in-house manufacturing has simply become too difficult for us to maintain. After much deliberation, we closed our workshop in June 2018.

Whilst our mission – to create genuinely sustainable products that help reduce animal cruelty and benefit the planet on a larger scale – is still the same, we have been contemplating the best platform from which to serve our customers in the future.

Rather than coming to decisions behind closed doors, we want to consult first with you, for without your support, Vegan Wares certainly wouldn’t have made it through the last 23 years.

These are some of the questions we will be considering over the next few months:

Should we continue with the bricks & mortar retail outlet, or become an on-line only store? Should we continue to support the few remaining local footwear manufacturers? Should we bring in a new partner with new interests and energies? Should we merge/collaborate with another like-minded business?

We are open to all ideas and suggestions. If you would like to discuss any of these matters with us, or if you have a proposal you’d like to throw on the table, send us an email, or pop into the shop. We are very excited to see where the next year will take us.