Beard care and more

D+T is a new Aussie-made organic product range perfect for the bearded ones among us.

David Rafter, the owner and lead cultivator of D+T, crafted the organic beard care products last year and they’ve been such a hit he’s expanded the range to include products like shampoos and hair balm.

Photo: David with his beloved staffy Trudi = D+T

Here are some quick facts about D+T products:

Every ingredient used is 100% organic & vegan. All products are handmade by David. No animal testing. Products are tested only on an Aussie beardman.

Beard Care Let’s start with the beard balm. D+T beard balm is best used for shaping beards. The wax content in the balm helps protect the hairs and the organic oils help rejuvenate the skin. The style wax is great for styling your beard and/or moustache and if used on hair can be used to create a dry matt finish. There are also the beard oils for when beards are just starting to grow. The oils help to alleviate any itchy skin and keep at bay the dreaded Beard-druff. The beard oils come in a variety of scents: Original, Noosa & Peace blend.

Hair Care D+T now have a range of hair care products including the Trudi pomade, Hair Wax, Hair Balm and a Man-shampoo. All made with premium organic ingredients.

Rex Apothecary from Portland, Oregon USA also hand-make a quality, organic pomade great for styling short, dry or coarse hair.

Vegan Wares stocks the Rex Apothecary pomade, all of the D+T beard care range and most of the D+T hair care range.