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The Materials Used For Our Products

We use only the best non-leather materials. These materials are expensive because they arise from complex technologies, and achieve the highest quality standards. The main ones and their applications are:

EcoLorica microfibre (state of the art strong & breathable synthetic leather): footwear uppers, some belts and all other accessories.

Clarino full grain microfibre (an excellent synthetic leather; non-breathable ): some belts

Rubber, thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic urethane: for outsoles

Texon cellulose board, or non-woven board: for most shoeboard

“PORON® Comfort for insole cushioning

We encourage other manufacturers and retailers of vegan and vegetarian footwear to declare the ingredients of their products. Then consumers will be in a position to evaluate and compare the relative qualities of each product.

We also encourage other manufacturers and retailers to make a genuine and tangible commitment to environmental sustainability.

To purchase vegan leather please click this link.