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“thanks Peter, ………. I decided to stop being so wasteful spending $40 on cheap crappy vinyl boots that only last a year! My first vegan wares sandals I am still wearing today and I bought them …

Jodie, Sydney

“Oh Peter!!

Picture this – “Mother of four has annual outing with local hand-spinners group” … On Saturday we hired the local hospital bus to drive to Mona (the new Museum of OLD and NEw ART in Hobart). …


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU…..

I ordered a pair of work boots on line on Wednesday (9th Feb) and picked them up from the PO on Monday (14th Feb) morning….WOW

How quick was that, amazing !

The boots …

Fiona : )

To everyone at Vegan Wares,

In July of this year I purchased,from the Collingwood store, a pair of boots made to measure for my
difficult foot size (slightly wider than average and with a full-length orthotic) and I could not …

Andrew, Brisbane