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Shoe Care

All shoes, irrespective of what they are made from, will absorb moisture from the feet. Depending on the individual person varying degrees of odour may occur as with any garment worn. For this reason shoes should ideally not be worn on consecutive days.  Instead they should be allowed to air dry for a day.  Vegan Wares shoes are no different in this regard.

Vegan Wares shoes generally do not require polishing to enhance their life as the microfibre uppers are extremely strong. However, polishing with a vegan shoe cream will enhance their appearance and may help minimize scuffing. To clean simply wipe with a damp sponge / cloth. Apply polish if desired. To dry out wet shoes, allow them to stand in an airy position away from direct heat. Never fast dry shoes close to a heater. Heat will activate the glues holding the shoes together & they may then start to come apart.

Treating Scuffs

Scuffs are best treated using a water-based shoe paint. Black shoe paint is normally stocked by shoe repair shops – but make sure you get the water-based variety – don’t use spirit-based shoe care products.

The procedure for treating scuffs is:

Step 1. Remove surface dirt & dust with a damp cloth. For remaining marks dip cloth in warm soapy water & gently rub. If marks still do not come off then EITHER apply a spot cleaner OR simply proceed to Step 2. Use spot cleaner sparingly as it contains a stripping agent & will remove the top colour layer.

Step 2. Apply shoe paint to scuffed areas and other marks which cannot be removed. Two coats are normally required, more if shoes are badly scuffed. If shoe paint does not quite match the colour of your boots you may consider either applying a coat to the whole boot / shoe (changing its colour slightly) or mixing in another colour to create a better match.

Step 3. Apply a coat of vegan shoe cream to the whole boot / shoe. Use matching coloured polish or clear polish. Shoe cream helps prevent marks & scuffs.

WARNING: Shoe paint is for occasional use only, primarily for the treatment of scuffs. Do not use it as an alternative to polish – it contains chemicals which may damage the outer layer of the shoe at crease points if applied regularly over a long period of time.