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Due to Coronavirus impacts, domestic and international shipping has been delayed. To learn more about delays, service suspensions and view expected delivery times, please check Australia Post’s Domestic and International shipping updates.

We will ship to anywhere, though the service used may vary according to the destination and your requirements. Delivery by insured or registered airmail is our favoured service. We also use a courier for quicker delivery or where insured/registered airmail is not available. The client bears all shipping charges.

Shipping, Single Item, as at 1/1/19

Region Wallets
& Belts
& Boots
Australia $Aus 13.20
$Aus 22
Elsewhere – Air Mail $Aus 22 $Aus 54

Postage is not charged for single wallets or belts sent with shoes. For multiple orders, 75% of the single item shipping is charged for each extra item ordered.

Please note (1): our shipping charge does not include additional fees that may or may not be levied at the point of destination, such as customs duty.

Please note (2): there is no such thing as ‘free shipping’.  Shipping and handling expenses incurred by retailers are either made explicit or are hidden in the retail price, but either way the customer pays for these costs.  We choose to make the shipping fees explicit.  Shipping fees include: the cost of stamps (shown on the postal authority label), insurance, delivery signature fees, packaging, and staff time involved in handling and administering the shipping process.

Please note (3): occasionally items go missing in the mail, or delivery is otherwise delayed.  Delayed delivery is a common problem for items shipped during the Christmas / New Year period.  If you have not received your parcel within 4 weeks of dispatch please let us know so that we can register a complaint with the postal authority.  If the postal authority deems your parcel to be lost then your money will be refunded.  However, please understand that these investigations do take time. The only exception to this rule is where clients specifically request a non-secure shipping service instead of our preferred registered mail service.