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Shoe Sizing

There are many different shoe sizing systems used around the world, including the US, UK, European, & Japanese systems. Within systems there can also be variation; for example there are French & Italian versions of the European system. Furthermore, shoe manufacturers may depart from standard size systems, and different shoe styles and toe shapes will also affect fitting. So ……. WHEN ORDERING SHOES THROUGH THE MAIL IT IS RISKY TO SIMPLY (ONLY) QUOTE A SIZE.

When ordering shoes at this site you will be asked to provide 2 sets of information, as explained below. From this information we work out what size to send.

If you have special fitting requirements (eg extra width, less width) or wish us to make a special style not otherwise shown at this web site, please email us and we will advise how to proceed.

Sizing information we need

Quoting sizes

We ask that you quote the size you wear in different brands and different types of shoes. Try to give as much information as possible.

Measuring your feet

We ask that you provide 3 foot measurements after making a careful tracing of your foot.

Length of foot from heel to toe. Trace your foot holding pen vertical & then measure off the length. (Do not simply place a ruler under your foot & scale off the length – this will give an incorrect reading).
Circumference of foot at widest point (ie, around the foot at the ball).
Circumference of foot at the arch (ie, around the foot at the arch).