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Shoe Construction & Sole Repair

We use three different construction methods.

1/ For most flat soled shoes & boots intended for heavy duty use the uppers are glued to the shoe board & then stitched to a resin or micro-cell mid-board. The out-sole is then glued to the mid-board. This method produces a sturdy and very long-lasting shoe. It also makes re-soling easy because the shoe will not fall apart when the old sole is pulled off.  Most shoe repairers are able to re-sole shoes made in this manner and have access to suitable soling materials.

2/ a. For heeled shoes, office wear and other items which are not intended for heavy use, the uppers & out-soles are glued directly to the shoe board.
2/ b. This method can also be suitable for urban walking shoes that have a specially molded unit sole
Because we only use rubber soles, when the soles of shoes made in this manner wear thin they can be patched by a local shoe repairer. Periodic patching is generally all that will be required if these shoes are sensibly maintained.  But if  re-soling does become necessary then the shoes will need to be sent to our workshop.

3/ For hiking boots and shoes, uppers are usually stitched to a robust shoeboard before the outsole is glued on.  Hiking soles often last for the life for the boot /shoe.  They can be patched but usually this isn’t advisable, given their intended use.  However, if necessary we can replace the soles when the old ones are worn down.