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Currency & Conversion

Vegan Wares prices are expressed in Australian dollars. The relative value of national currencies varies from day to day.  At the moment the value of Aus $ and US $ are similar.  However, you may care to check the prevailing rates of exchange at the time you place your order.  Click here for today’s rates.


Orders shipped to Australian addresses incur 10% tax.  Orders shipped elsewhere are tax-free.

Are Our Prices Expensive ?

Sometimes prospective clients ask us “why are they (our shoes) so expensive?”

How you feel about our pricing will depend on what you are used to.  If you normally buy from Payless, then our prices will seem high.  If it has been your practice to buy very good quality leather shoes then you will find our prices reasonable, if not cheap.  And if you take into account how well our shoes last, then you will find that over the longer term they give much better economy than cheap synthetic shoes and better quality leather shoes.

The Vegan Wares concept is durable, repairable footwear (and accessories) that minimize the use of resources and at the same time, over the life of the product, save you money.  This objective cannot be achieved by using the cheapest materials and quickest production processes.