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At Vegan Wares we believe in the sanctity of life & do not support the exploitation of any creature. We seek out the best materials which are free of animal products, and because most of our products are made in our own workshop we can be quite confident that no leather components have sneaked their way into our merchandise.  This is a claim very few retailers of vegan or vegetarian footwear can honestly make.

However, because we don’t personally make every component used in our shoes, & do not manufacture each ingredient which is used in the production of glues, soles, heel & toe stiffeners, labels, etc, we still do have to rely on the assurances of other people who are not always in tune with our principles & who may not be fully aware of the origins of all the materials they work with. For these reasons it is always possible some animal derived ingredients may slip under our guard. While such ingredients could only represent a tiny tiny fraction of any particular product we are keen to find out about them. If you have information which you think could help us in this regard please email us.