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The Vegan Wares Concept

The Vegan Wares concept is comfortable, durable every-day wear that is cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable. The materials we use are the best available non-leather components which are better than leather in most applications, & are far superior to the cheap synthetics frequently represented as vegan or vegetarian.

We aim for long product life to minimize the use of the earth’s resources (and save you money).  Accordingly our emphasis is on timeless styles, for every-day wear.

Our shoe uppers are a strong and  breathable, water-resistant microfibre made from polyamide fibres & polyurethane.  Most of our footwear styles are lined on the inside with hard wearing fabrics which are designed to draw moisture away from the skin.

Out-soles (ie the part that touches the ground) are various forms of rubber – durable and able to be patched by shoe repair specialists when they wear down.  In-soles (the part that your feet rest on) are made from high grade cellulose or non-woven shoe board bonded to soft, shock absorbent, rebound army-grade foot beds.

Belts, wallets and purses are made of similar high quality materials.

We expect you will have your Vegan Wares shoes & accessories for many years.  They are not throw-away seasonal fashion items.

If you experience any difficulties with any of our products at any time, please contact us for advice.